Organisations that seek the highest levels of quality from a manufacturing process yet ignore the opportunities for improvement within their own new product development (NPD) process, soon realise that Six Sigma capability is an objective that cannot not be realised by focusing on process optimisation alone. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a rigorous methodology that guarantees that new product development process has a systematic approach: customer satisfaction achieved by products with the correct functionality; designs that meet the expectations of the products; processes with results that meet the design specifications.

DFSS is more than a collection of tools. It provides a framework to support an organisation’s NPD process using the well-established DMADV (Define-Measure-Analyse-Design-Verify) approach. The methodology starts with the definition of customer requirements from which design- and process-critical characteristics are identified together with an understanding of how their variability ultimately impacts product quality.  The tools and techniques of DFSS can then be used to make informed decisions as early as possible in the development process, minimising the risk of late and therefore expensive changes in direction/concept, for example when serial tooling has been completed.

Our DFSS coursers are ideal for design or process engineers who want to use the DFSS methodology to design or redesign products or production processes. They are also of great value to managers who want to improve the effectiveness of their NPD processes by using the tools & techniques of engineering design in the right way.